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Get the appropriate educational accommodations your child needs

I am prepared to provide your family with over 12 years of special education advocacy experience. My goal is to provide families with consultation, and assistance to ensure your child with learning challenges receives support and guidance that is appropriate for their needs while building a strong collaborative working relationship with your child's school district.


As a parent advocate, during our initial meetings, I will listen to your concerns and assess your child's education and personal needs. I want to hear about your child's strengths and weaknesses and your interactions with your child's teachers and school district. The next steps would depend on your unique situation, what you would like to accomplish, and how involved you would like for me to be in the process.As your parent advocate, I can represent you in IEP, 504 or ETR school district meetings. I will work to build a positive working relationship between you, your child’s teacher, and the school district. I can create a written action plan with recommendations and resources to help guide you through the process of implementing accommodations for your child as an alternative option.Working along your side, I want to create the best solutions for your family and help your child accomplish the goals you have envisioned for them


Additional Services

  • Consulting

    An IEP/Section 504 Consulting Package includes the free 30-minute initial consultation to be used consulting with the Parent to help the Parent prepare for an upcoming IEP or 504 meeting.

    Parent Advocate does not attend ETR/IEP/504 meeting.

    • Package includes Initial 30-minute telephone, in person, or virtual consultation where the Client and Parent Advocate will discuss concerns or issues for the upcoming IEP or 504 meeting.
    • Review of child’s educational records including Parent Questionnaire by Parent advocate after initial consultation. Follow-up Meeting (one hour) after educational records have been reviewed where the Parent Advocate will supply the Client with a prepared list of recommendations, suggestions, and courses of action for the Client to take to the upcoming IEP or 504 meeting so Parent or Client can self-advocate for the child.

    *Includes a 15-minute phone consultation before and after IEP or 504 meeting.

  • Filing complaints with the State Department of Education

    A Parent Advocate will file a state complaint in response to procedural violations or if special education requirements have not been followed by a public school district.

  • Public Speaking Engagements

    • Informational Sessions
    • Student Empowerment Sessions
    • Consultations
    • Parent Support Services